(Loudness Management Batch Processor)


LMB takes care of your checking and compliance simply and effectively, with high-speed automated loudness measurement and correction. Supporting 'hot-folder', batch scripting and drag & drop, LMB batch processes at 100x real-time or faster, with detailed logs and/or corrected files to multiple, complex loudness criteria.


Native MXF handling


With the Native MXF expansion option, LMB can even assess and correct the audio within an MXF container, leaving other data intact and writing corrected audio back into the same file, saving time and avoiding potential file conversion errors.


DynApt loudness compliant dynamic adaptation


The DynApt options addresses the challenges of re-purposing Film for TV, or TV/Radio for streaming, while respecting dialog level in the full context of loudness compliance. Providing a new option for adapting content in a fast and efficient manner, DynApt automatically adapts dynamic audio appropriately for different listening environments and playout systems.


Features like comprehensive batch-file automation, network hot folders and XML log files make LMB an ideal workgroup solution and allow for easy integration into existing asset management workflows.




Loudness normalisation introduces a common reference point for all stages of audio production, allowing audio professionals to remain in control of audio quality and meet the requirements of current and proposed legislation.


QA and compliance


Verify out-sourced material

Meet loudness delivery specifications

Streamline in-house editing

Avoid non-conformance penalties

Command-line integration for automated workflow

Overview and detailed logging for post-mortem analysis

Enhance workflow


Automate loudness normalisation

Prepare archives automatically

Pre-conform libraries for immediate use

Balance without resorting to automation

Re-align automatically after editing

Establish multiple presets for several clients/broadcast chains



Automatic, faster than real-time loudness processing


Measure and correct typically 100x real-time


Drag & drop

Optional script-driven automation

Detailed custom configuration

Native MXF handling (expansion option)

DynApt Dynamics adaptation (expansion option)



Standard compliant


EBU R128




ITU-R B.S. 1770

AMWA AS-11 DPP Certified

Match multiple loudness criteria including

                Integrated loudness

                Max True Peak (including True-Peak back-stop limiter)

                Short term loudness

                Momentary loudness

                LRA targeting

Automatic file verification

Full warning system and/or automatic correction



Data Export


Summary logs

Detailed logs

Separate or continuous logging options

Built-in data graphing and graph viewer

XML log file option



Supported Standards

Our loudness products are compatible with all recommendations and guidance based upon the international standard ITU-R B.S. 1770, revisions 1, 2 and 3 including:


EBU R128

EBU R128 S1




Portaria 354



MXF expansion option supported formats: PCM audio data (including D10 encoding) in OP-1a and OP-Atom operating patterns.


Available formats

LMB available as a stand alone application for Windows and OSX

Minimum System Specification

Mac OSX 10.6.x, 512 MB RAM

Windows XP or above, 512 MB RAM

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