Visualizer upgrade to v2
Upgrade from Visualizer1

(Audio metering suite)


Measure, understand, correct. Visualizer gives you indispensable audio analysis for quality audio production, with a standardised reference set of professional tools that let you work faster, avoid mistakes, repeat past success and leverage the success of others.

Single Intelligent Window System

Visualizer’s unique intelligent window facility lets you select multiple view combinations, automatically resizing and aligning windows to maximise legibility and cross referencing information across screens. No need to switch between plugins to get the combination of views you want. User configurable presets let you switch instantly between setups and interface sizes to build the workflow that suits you.




Lining up

Setting levels

Broadcast standards

Mic'ing Up

Phase cancellation

Stereo field

Problem frequencies

Studio acoustics

Minimizing noise

Checking signal paths

Problem solving


Low end control

Hidden frequencies

Notching out

Placing vocals

Fundamental frequencies

Characteristic frequencies


EQing problem frequencies

Stereo placement

Transferable mix standards


A|B reference material

Sonic fingerprinting

Stereo spread

EQ distribution

Phase relationships

Low frequency analysis

Examining dynamics

Contextural analysis

Frequency response

Speaker relationships

Power distribution

Broadcast standards

Headroom/Level capacity

Phase handling



Comprehensive audio analysis

Multiple level meters (Peak/RMS/K12/K14/K20 etc.)

FFT Spectrum Analysis

Stereo Spectrum Analysis


Stereo Spectrogram

Vector Scope


Stereo Bias meter

Correlation Meter

Correlation by frequency

Stats and Parameters module

Comparison Mode

Comparison mode allows the direct comparison of two sources within a single Visualizer interface, utilising overlay, side-by-side and differential views. Ideal for examining the difference before and after a mastering signal chain or for comparing spectra in preparation for EQ matching or notching out.

Detailed user configuration

Resizeable Interface

Intelligent window optimization

Optimized control selection

Frequency zoom and scroll

dB Zoom and scroll

Peak hold control

Colour selection

FFT window selection

RMS window adjustment

Optimized resource use

Intelligent window System


This unique facility allows the selection of multiple view combinations, resizing and aligning windows to maximize legibility and cross referencing information across screens. There is no need to switch plugin for a different combination, and presets (user configurable) allow instant switching between setups and interface size enabling unparalleled work flow enhancements and intuitive operation.


Available formats

We support AAX, VST, VST3, AU and AudioSuite in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. RTAS is also available as 32-bit only.

The Visualizer HDX extension enables support for Avid AAX DSP Hybrid operation.

Visualizer is also available as a stand alone application for Windows and OSX.

Minimum System Specification

Mac OSX 10.6.x, 512 MB RAM

Windows XP or above, 512 MB RAM

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Visualizer upgrade to v2

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