SoundCode For Dolby E Encoder


The SoundCode for Dolby E Encoder for Mac or PC, includes a standalone application, an Audio Suite Pro Tools plug-in and a Final Cut Pro plug-in.



There are several encode options, including encode from film and SMPTE track order, 1 or 2 frame input offset, Dolby E 16-bit, 20-bit and PCM, together with standard Dolby E metadata settings. Encode up to 8 tracks with over 20 different Dolby E program configurations including 5.1 + Stereo, and LCRS + Stereo.

The encode process is faster than real-time and includes tape and file based workflows



SoundCode for Dolby E Encode

Standalone Application

Pro Tools Plug-In

Final Cut 7 Plug-In


• Windows and Mac OS X Support

• Standalone Application, Pro Tools AAX Plug-In

• Final Cut 7 Encoder Plug-In

• Encode Dolby E Streams at your workstation faster-then-realtime

• Unsurpassed Pro Tools Integration

• Tape-Based and File-Based workflows

• Deliver a Dolby E Decode to a video facility as a file

• Embed Dolby Metadata in a WAV file where it belongs

• Implement File-Based workflows that carry Dolby Metadata with the Audio

• Export interleaved, SMPTE ordered WAV files larger than 2GB in Pro Tools

• Combine multiple audio programs into single audio file

• Compatible with Dolby DP600 workflows

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SoundCode For Dolby E Encoder

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